An avid reader from the age of four, Cassie found refuge in books and her own imagination very early in life. She had forays into Neurolinguistics, French, javelin throwing and a close shave with merchant banking, before being escorted from the building.

Having reevaluated her life, she had another go, gaining a first in Graphic Design, starting her own business and going to live on a boat. She worked in both print and digital, for her own clients as well as at large agencies such as Cogent Elliot, where she would frequently work on household name brands. In 2005 she was the set design Graphic Designer for the movie Control, a biopic of the Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, designing a multitude of 70s posters, tickets, signs, record covers, flyers and cards.

She spent time guest lecturing at Coventry University, on both the foundation course and the Graphic Design degree course from which she graduated.

In her early thirties she started Cassie Leedham Photography, had a baby, and decided she had to try to achieve her lifelong dream of being an author. Her first ever competition entry was a short story for the Nibfest Write-a-thon, written on her sister’s hen do, in between gin and dancing. It came in second and she immediately started work on a novel. Her writing talks about loss, loneliness, grief and hope.

Cassie spent a few years as the lead designer in an online software startup, then in 2020, on maternity leave with her second child, she started Ink Love, where she produces quirky, illustrative art work that is sold on prints and products and is much loved by author Marian Keyes.

Cassie now lives in the Midlands with her husband, two incredible kids and cat. She is currently working on two novels while exploring a new love of portrait painting. She never stays still for long and vows never to stop learning new skills.