I had a super exciting day today. I met up with a fabulous young model called Ellie Martin and we had a fun hour and a half hanging out in my flat, taking some test shots. I’ve been looking for a model to work with for a while, and trawling the “time-for-prints” amateur model forums was not getting anywhere (other than some frankly rather dodgy directions!). Luckily, a Facebook post lead to a friend putting me in touch  with Ellie. I knew from the few Facebook photos she had up that she had real potential. She has a really pure, youthful beauty that I knew I could work with. Most of her shoots so far have been quite “pretty”. I wanted to go for “beautiful” instead and I knew she would photograph just how I wanted.

We were both a little nervous at first, and the rainy grey day didn’t help us much, but Ellie did a great job of following my instructions while I balanced on the arm of a sofa or hung off a chair. We made the most of the little natural light we had and made the best of it. The shots I got confirm to me that Ellie photographs just beautifully. She’s also incredibly versatile and can look pretty, edgy, beautiful and can even do French disdain (a look I requested!)

I can’t wait to get her out on a proper location and style her some more. I think this is the start of a great photographer-model relationship. I’ve found my muse!

IMGP2562 IMGP2542 IMGP2518 IMGP2504 IMGP2514 IMGP2427 IMGP2407