Mothers Who Make Coventry (Illustration commission)

This was a brilliant brief, to create a series of illustrations for Mothers Who Make, Coventry Hub. They are an organisation who support, encourage and inspire mothers from…

Certain Dark Things

The first thing Clara notices is his hair. It is thick and full, not empty on top like Eric’s. She knew it would be so of course, from…


Travel, 1998

Digital oil painting



Self portrait, digital oil painting


Daddy, 1983

Digital oil painting.



A portrait of a friend, for his birthday. Digital oil painting.

Sex vignettes 2

“Do you remember that party you had?” Pete asks, not looking at her. She was living in a shared house with some friends from college, even though she’d dropped…


I used to be fun And so carefree This isn’t me This isn’t me I used to be fun says the voice in my head But that was…

On Motherhood

Originally published in issue 2 of I Hope You Like Feminist Rants The pain was transformative: the contractions, each one folding my body and mind in half with its…


Ellie Martin

I had a super exciting day today. I met up with a fabulous young model called Ellie Martin and we had a fun hour and a half hanging…


Event: Tom Lewis Exhibition

We scooted down to London this weekend to see the Tom Lewis exhibition, which is amazing. If you don’t know anything about Tom’s work, you’re in for a treat and…


Flash Fiction: Your Loving Arms

Your Loving Arms (Published in Phoenix Magazine) “So, you don’t believe in anything?” She rolls over, pushes herself up on one elbow and applies that look that means…