Hi, I'm Cassie - I'm an Oil Painter and Arts Manager from Warwick, UK. My work spans oil painting, digital fine art, illustration, graphic design, photography, writing and lecturing.

My paintings are always of or about people, and they have stories at their core. I currently co-manage the LSA Art Room in Leamington Spa, where I also paint as an Artist in Residence.

I have worked in the creative arts for almost twenty years, mostly as a graphic designer and illustrator. Past projects have included prop design for film (eg. Control, 2007), advertising and branding work for household names, UX and UI design for online software startups and various other forms of creative work.

Just before the pandemic hit I gave birth to my second child. I took up digital painting as a creative outlet, and this led to me beginning to experiment with oil painting in 2021. I began to paint portraits of fellow "lockdown mums" that portrayed the difficulties and struggles that we faced during a pandemic, and that challenged the historical representation of women in art history. In the summer of 2021, I had my first exhibition of this work, which led to me being awarded a studio space with the Courtyard Gallery, Stratford. 

In February 2022, I was honoured to receive Arts Council England funding to further my painting practice. In the summer of 2022, I became a trustee for the charity Leamington Studio Artists, and spearheaded the creation of a community art gallery called the LSA Art Room, which has proved to be hugely successful.

I also work as a visiting lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration at Coventry University, on both the BA and MA.